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I am independent..

I am an independent artist. That means that there are no companies in my background – no label or record company, no agent, not even a manager in my case. I can make all of the decisions myself. It also means I have to do all of the work myself, and fund this project out of my own pocket! So each album has been a huge effort for me – I enjoy the process and I am very proud of the results, too.

When you buy my CD, you support me as an independent artist. It means that hopefully one day, I might break even on the cost, too! But not all of the money goes to me – the companies involved in the distribution like PayPal, CDBaby, Itunes etc all take a cut for their part in the picture. Just so you know!

Pricing for MP3 download

You will find my MP3s on different download sites, and they might all have different prices.

That is because companies like Itunes and Amazon set the price for my MP3s – I cannot control it myself. The only download site where I can decide on the price is CDBaby. This is where you get the best price for your download, so choose them for your download if you want to save some money!

Pricing for CD orders

Each of my albums is so much more than just music. It’s a little piece of art that I spent months on. You will get a colourful booklet with lyrics and pictures, and my sister has handpainted the gorgeous drawings you will find in the prints.

All of my prices in the PayPal shop include packaging and delivery! So you don’t have to pay anything extra to the price that you already see advertised. But as a result you will see different prices depending on the region, as the delivery cost varies between USA and non-USA countries. Please be fair and pick the correct price when selecting your order – I know you wouldn’t want me to end up paying your shipping out of my own pocket.

Delivery timelines

Delivery timelines vary depending on the region. According to the postal services, you should expect your CD within 5 days if shipped to US, and within 7 days if shipped to any European destination (possibly longer to other places in the world). I ship first class.

Also, allow me a few days to work through my order and get your package ready and sent off. There is no distribution company working on your shipment – its just me at my little desk! I will try my best to get everything out within a day or two.

Problems or questions

Yes – of course you can contact me! I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully I will be able to help with any question or issue that might have arisen. I am really sorry if something has gone wrong – I promise we work it out. Click here. (link to email as on main page)